My weekly path to learn how to improve my drawing skills 👩‍🎨

Last week's video :)

Sometimes I think I should stop doing this if nobody watch it then I remember I'm a body so at least I should make it for me haha


Moleskine Sample Sale here in NYC!!

There is a Moleskine Sample Sale!!! 

It starts today, July 13th until August 8th from 10 am to 7 pm at 261 5th Avenue, New York NY 10016

These are some of the prices:

If you want to know more information just visit or go to the link below: 


Let me know if you go :)


My weekly path to learn how to draw professionally 👩‍🎨

This week's video:

The life of a self-taught artist :)


Looking for the perfect Bra

A couple of months ago I started checking on Bras again, mine are almost at the end of their life. I used to be size 36B then changed to 38D and because I gained weight again I wanted to check on bigger options but I didn't know that when it comes to Bras sizes you don't go from 38D to 40D and that's it. It depends on where you gain weight, band or cup.