Finished My First Mix Media Sketchbook!! 🙊

I finally finished my first Sketchbook dedicated to drawing ✨

I have been working in drawing what excites me, I call it "Morning Free Drawing Session" or "Morning Session" (as you have seen it in my weekly videos), I primarily do it in the mornings, that's why the name. 

Weekly Video Clips (May 31-June 4 2021)


Here is my weekly video 👀. By the way, I didn't record anything on Monday because it was a Holiday so I allowed myself to have a day free :) it was very nice.

What did you do for Memorial Day?


Weekly Video Clip (May 24-28 2021)


This' last week's video. I also have been thinking about renaming these series of videos with something related to "____ in the life of an illustrator". Should I? 🤔



Japanese Stationery ✨

I love stationery since I was very little but until I came to the US I knew about Japanese stationery. They have so much variety. A couple of months ago I found this video that explains it in a deeper way:

Video 1. BEGIN Japanology Stationery

Also I wanted to share a more recent video with one of my favorite youtubers from Japan who shares his findings about new stationary. 

Video 2. Smart Japanese Office Stationery Supplies You didn’t Know - Paolo from Tokyo

After watching this video in fact I got the the Fuji mountain erasers, the Glue Stick and the cutter:

Did you know about Japanese Stationery?


Weekly Video Clip (May 17-21)

Last week's video 📼

Hope you like them :)